Slow fashion from Vienna

Welcome to Elero Clothing, where sustainability and conscious fashion meet in a fascinating way. But how did it all start? Let me tell you the story of how I, as founder, became a passionate advocate of sustainable fashion and why it's so important for me to pay attention to provenance and sustainability every step of the way.

It was a few years ago when, by chance, I came across a documentary that exposed the fashion industry's staggering impact on the environment and people. I was shocked by the horrible working conditions, water pollution, and enormous resource consumption that went along with the production of clothing. It was a wake-up call for me, spurring me on to make change happen.

Inspired by this experience, I began a journey of insight and learning. I dove deep into the world of sustainable fashion and learned about eco-friendly materials, ethical labor practices and transparent supply chains. The more I studied the subject, the more I realized I wanted to do my own part to transform the fashion industry and do my part for a better planet.

And so Elero was born - from a vision to create fashion that is not only beautiful and high quality, but also respects the environment and people. From the beginning, it was of utmost importance to me that every garment that leaves our label was produced in a sustainable way.

We use carefully selected materials, including organic cotton and recycled fabrics, to ensure that our products are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. We rely on transparent supply chains and work closely with manufacturers who ensure fairly paid working conditions and good labor practices.

The origin of our garments is also close to our hearts. We work with local producers to support the local economy and minimize the carbon footprint. To see for myself the working conditions, I have visited every single production of ours on site and can confirm with certainty that we stay true to our guidelines. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail to ensure that it can be worn not only today, but for many years to come.

We are proud that our label has received various certifications such as GOTS, Organic Cotton Standard and OEKO-TEX. These awards confirm our commitment to sustainability and give our customers confidence that they are buying clothing from us that not only looks good, but also makes a positive difference.

Elero is not just about fashion - it's about a movement. We want to encourage people to make conscious choices and do their part for a sustainable future. We will make a big difference and improve the world a little bit. Stay tuned to see how everything around Elero will develop and what projects are planned.

Elias Gugl - Founder

"Fashion can be an expression of our personality, but also of our responsibility to the world. Sustainable streetwear combines style with a statement for the environment."